A Cultural Crossroads

Here, where the city meets the sea, life can overflow with sport, music, art, culture, and activity. Or, it can be quiet, reflective, and studious. How you plug into ODU's electrified atmosphere is up to you.

Experience at ODU spans borders, languages and time. 文化s converge. Viewpoints are respected. On one of the most diverse campuses in Virginia, there is no end to the fascinating mix of stories you'll hear, people you'll meet, and the interests you'll share.

Getting Involved

Meet people, enhance your leadership skills, find your niche, and make a difference. Join an organization, go to programs, participate in activities, volunteer, and be a leader. Become a success. You won't regret it!

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Get the most out of your college experience by living with us. Explore our housing options. 餐厅 on campus isn’t one size fits all. Our meal plans were designed to meet your unique needs. 

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ODU delivers superb programs, facilities and services to promote healthy and active lifestyles that allow our Monarch community to live and learn well.

艺术 & 文化

From fine art and thought-provoking lectures to concerts, performances and movies, Old Dominion offers culture, arts and entertainment to suit any taste.